Why Google removed Indian apps from play store – 6 Effects

The most buzzing question in today’s business world and internet Tec savvy people is Why Google Removed Indian Apps from play store and what will be the 6 Effects?

The recent removal of several popular Indian apps, including giants like Bharat Matrimony and, from the Google Play Store sent shockwaves through the Indian tech ecosystem. The reason behind the removals boiled down to a dispute over service fees.

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Below are the micro parts of the situation:

Disagreement of Billing: Google charges 11% to 26% developers a fee for in-app purchases made through Google Play’s billing system. Some Indian app developers, backed by the country’s antitrust regulations, objected to these fees, arguing for the option of using their own in-app billing systems.

Rulings of the court: Despite pushback, two court rulings in India didn’t favor the developers, essentially allowing Google to enforce its fee structure or remove non-compliant apps.

Final removal of the apps: Google removed a number of Indian apps As a result for violating its payment guidelines. This triggered a public outcry, with concerns about stifling Indian innovation and hindering user access to essential services.

But the question is What is the effect of removal of Indian apps by Google from play store? or which is a sub question of the blog title “Why Google Removed Indian Apps from play store and what will be the 6 Effects?”

Even Mr. Anupam Mittal, a well-known business men and startup mentor got angry on this move. He reacted furiously on Why Google removed Indian apps from play store

The overall effect of this event is multifaceted:

Impact on Indian Developers:

Loss of Revenue: Removed apps faced a significant loss of potential revenue and user base.

Uncertainty: The future of in-app billing policies for Indian developers remains uncertain, impacting their planning and growth strategies.

Innovation Chill: The incident might discourage some startups from venturing into app development due to potential restrictions.

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Impact on Users:

Inconvenience: Users lost access to familiar apps, forcing them to seek alternatives or potentially switch platforms.

Data Concerns: Shifting to unfamiliar app stores might raise concerns about data privacy and security.

Limited Choice: The removal of these apps narrows down user options, potentially hindering access to valuable services.

These apps were affected.

Impact on Google Play Store: Because Google Removed Indian Apps from Play Store, there will be mostly not so positive effects. Some of them are as below.

Negative Publicity: Google faced criticism for its strong-arm tactics and stifling competition.

Potential Regulatory Scrutiny: This incident could attract more scrutiny from Indian regulators regarding Google’s Play Store practices.

Loss of Market Share: If Indian developers move away from Play Store, Google could lose market share in the lucrative Indian app market.

See center responding to Why Google removed Indian apps from play store. Center took a quick action and it is said to be settled in the Indian players' favor soon.

Looking Forward:

Negotiations: The Indian government and Google are likely to engage in negotiations to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

Alternative App Stores: This incident could accelerate the growth of indigenous Indian app stores, providing developers with more choices.

Policy Adjustments: Google might consider adjusting its billing policies in India to accommodate the unique market dynamics.

This situation underlines the complex relationship between app stores, developers, and users.  It remains to be seen how this dispute is resolved, but it has undoubtedly triggered a critical conversation about fair practices and fostering innovation within the Indian tech landscape.

The question is “Is it only policy breach or Would Google remove an app from the Play Store if it gets many bad reviews?

Mr. Deepak Makwana, The founder and CEO of BizTea is a well-known business coach from Ahmedabad Gujarat.
Mr. Deepak Makwana, The founder and CEO of BizTea is a well-known business coach from Ahmedabad Gujarat

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