Value addition Kaise kare- What is value added?

Let’s go through a real incident and understand Value addition Kaise kare in the story format.

“Sir, can I tidy up all those hanging wires? It gives a bad impression to the visitors,” Raju asked politely, his eyes reflecting his concern.

Deepak was mentally occupied in thinking about his company’s customer satisfaction and was constantly searching in the head “Value addition Kaise kare”

Deepak paused for a moment before replying because he was taken aback by the unexpected request, “Yes, go ahead, Raju. It’s bothering the entire flat holders too”

Raju’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, Sir. I will finish it just like that, I promise.”

“Take your time, Raju. We want it done properly,” Deepak said.

Encouraged by Deepak’s support, Raju continued, “Sir, may I get a ladder to reach up there?”

Deepak nodded, understanding Raju’s need. “Sure thing. Let me ask Sumit next door to lend us one.”

This is what Raju thought to put in order.

As Raju busied himself with organizing the wires, his mind raced with thoughts of providing the best service possible. He meticulously arranged each cable, ensuring they were secure and tidy, using his own accessories like adhesive tapes, cutter etc.

Raju started doing his job with whole heart in it.

Once he finished, Raju approached Deepak again, a hint of uncertainty in his voice. “Sir, may I borrow a long broom?”

Deepak raised an eyebrow, curious about Raju’s request. “Broom? What for, exactly?”

Raju’s expression turned serious as he explained, “To clean those cobwebs, Sir. According to our Indian tradition, if they’re not cleared, it could block wealth from entering our home.”

This is what it looks like when it is said "Goddess Laxmi wont come"

This demand struck the first thought in Deepak’s mind about “Value addition Kaise kare”

Deepak nodded in understanding, impressed by Raju’s attention to detail. “I see. Let me ask Prashant for a broom.”

As it was Sunday morning all the neighbors were at home so Prashant quickly helped with the broom.

After obtaining the broom, Raju diligently swept away the cobwebs and debris, leaving the walls and floors spotless. He then returned the ladder and broom to the neighbors before approaching Deepak once more.

Now, Goddess Laximiji will be happily showering her bestows

“Sir, please check. Everything is done,” Raju announced proudly, a sense of accomplishment evident in his voice.

Deepak inspected the work, nodding in approval. “Excellent job, Raju. You’ve gone above and beyond.”

Raju smiled humbly. “Thank you, Sir. It was my duty to help.”

Raju’s excellent work grew a small plant in Deepak’s mind about his main concern product me “Value addition Kaise kare”

As they discussed payment, Deepak couldn’t help but admire Raju’s integrity and dedication. “How much for the tube light replacement, Raju?”

“Rs. 150, as we agreed,” Raju replied promptly.

Deepak paused, considering the additional work Raju had done. “But what about cleaning the cobwebs and organizing the wires? How much extra for that?”

Raju shook his head. “Nothing, Sir. I didn’t clean it for money. It was a courtesy from my side.”

Deepak was ready to pay more than 300 Rupees

Deepak insisted on compensating Raju for the extra effort, but Raju remained steadfast in his refusal. After a brief negotiation, Raju accepted only the agreed-upon amount which is Rs. 150/- and bid Deepak farewell.

Deepak was very clear by now about business me “Value addition Kaise kare”

Later reflecting on the day’s events, Deepak realized the profound impact Raju had made. Not only had he provided exceptional service, but he had also won Deepak’s trust and loyalty.

Deepak thought “If Raju has taught me “Value addition Kaise kare” I’d also revert with something from my side.

Deepak eagerly shared Raju’s contact information with friends, colleagues and a few other WhatsApp groups, praising his professionalism and dedication. In doing so, he became a fan of Raju. He became the free salesman for Raju’s service and he started spreading the word of his exemplary workmanship.

A corporate company’s cluster head for Gujarat territory is marketing a small, poor guy’s service to his known groups!!!!!

How come that happened?

The simple and obvious answer is Value Addition

Let’s talk about “Value addition Kaise kare” in this episode.

Mr. Deepak Makwana is very popular and successful business coach of India with an excellent trach record at BizTea
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Deepak Makwana, Business Coach @ BizTea, taking session on “Value addition Kaise kare”

According to MBA theory, value addition means making a product better by adding extra features that make it more valuable than just its basic parts. It might make it easier to use, more attractive, or just plain better.

But, you know, in real life, it’s not just about the definition on paper. It’s about going the extra mile for your customers. It’s about surprising them with something extra that makes them feel good. It might not always be something you can measure, but it’s a feeling that makes customers like you.

Take OYO rooms, for example. Do you know what is their answer to “Value addition Kaise kare?”

They don’t just offer a place to stay. They give you a whole experience that makes you stay better than you expected. That’s what we mean by value addition.

OYO doesn’t own any hotels. Instead, they help hotel owners find customers and help customers find good deals on hotels. They do this by providing software. In return, OYO earns a commission.

OYO’s goal is to make booking a hotel easier and more affordable for everyone.

Their business model is all about solving the problems that customers have. Here are some of the problems they focused on:

  1. Business travelers often only need a hotel room to sleep in at night because they’re busy with meetings during the day. So, it doesn’t make sense for them to spend a lot of money on fancy hotels just for sleeping.

2. Budget hotels are usually in areas that aren’t very nice. Staying in these hotels can make people feel embarrassed, especially when they have to tell others where they’re staying.

3. Booking a hotel used to be hard because people had to rely on auto rickshaw drivers to find them a place to stay. Sometimes they couldn’t find a good hotel, especially during busy times like festivals.

Those three problems were bothering customers, and OYO came to the rescue by not only offering a solution but they clubbed “Value addition Kaise kare” in their solution and it was….

Online booking for good hotels at prices people can afford.

But wait, there’s more! OYO didn’t stop there. They wanted to make sure their customers got even more than what they expected. They were determined to give their customers a product that went above and beyond.

So, they went the extra mile. (Just like our Raju went. Read similar business stories) The team at OYO paid attention to the little things that customers might not even say out loud. They focused on the problems that people didn’t even realize they had.

  1. Everyone needs breakfast in the morning, but homemade breakfast doesn’t last long. So, every morning, people need to find breakfast, which means leaving the hotel early.
A free breakfast is the 1st boon for guest.

To fix this, OYO started offering inclusion of breakfast to their guests, without charging anything extra. This was the 1st step towards “Value addition Kaise kare”

2. When people stay at a hotel overnight, they need slippers for walking around. Usually, they only have one bag with them, which also holds their food. But they don’t want to put their slippers along with their food because, in Indian tradition, food is considered sacred. Carrying an extra bag for slippers would add to their luggage, which is a hassle.

Understanding this, OYO began giving guests complimentary slippers to use during their stay. This was the 2nd step towards “Value addition Kaise kare”

A free sleepers is the 2nd boon for guest

3. Sometimes, hotels are located in areas where the mobile signal is weak. This means that when guests want to work from their hotel rooms, they have trouble making calls or accessing the internet due to the poor signal.

To solve this problem, OYO offers free Wi-Fi access to its guests, ensuring that they can stay connected even in areas with weak mobile signals. this was the 3rd step towards “Value addition Kaise kare”

A free Wi-Fi is the 3rd boon for guest

4. Often, once the advance payment is made, it becomes non-refundable as per the hotel policy. So booking cancellation due to beyond the control reasons was loss making event.

To tackle this, OYO started a free cancellation booking system without deducting any money. This was the 4th step towards “Value addition Kaise kare”

A free cancellation is the 4th boon for guest

These extra amenities—like free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast, no penalty cancellation and slippers Courtesy—provided by OYO at no additional cost, enhance the overall experience for their customers. This commitment to customer satisfaction is what makes OYO popular and sets them apart from the competition.

In every business, whether they sell physical things or offer services, there’s always room to make things better. This improvement is called value addition. or they are classic answer to the ages old problem “Value addition Kaise kare”

It could mean having a unique selling point (USP), making the product look nicer, having a better location, adding a special feature, giving customers a great experience, offering good customer service after the sale, giving gifts, going above and beyond what was promised, offering extended warranties, or anything else that makes the customer happier.

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