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7 Points Analysis Of A Street Performer

Jayhind friends,

Did you see that extraordinarily skilled girl, walking on the rope like a stalwart?

This little girl, at such a young age, should be amazed by watching circus tricks, instead, she is supporting her family by performing risky circus tricks on the road.

A big salute to her for her dedication and contribution to feeding her family.

We can learn 7 lessons from her struggle.

  1. Poor ROI Calculation: If we calculate the output or productivity, the return on labor is only about 20%. If we count the training time invested, practice time invested, and performing time invested the ROI as well as ROTI will be less than 20% (
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2. Risk Reward ratio: When it comes to risks, there is no calculation or no consideration at all. No safety net, no insurance, no funds for medical expenses if injured, and no ability to be hospitalized if she falls. Why so because they are poor. Not only economically they are poor but they are poor in a lot of terms like credibility and status and poor have no value. (

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3. Missing Strategy: Why is this the case? Because she possesses amazing performance skills but lacks the skills in strategy and branding. A good performance turns into a free ride, and a measurable performance turns into a miserable one. (

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4. Poor Business Plans: Considering this performing art as a business and the little girl as a businesswoman, there are many such businesses with good infrastructure, money backup, logistics, staff, goods, etc. However, their turnover, success, market position, and branding are as poor as that of the little girl. There is no difference between the business outcomes of this illiterate slum girl and an educated, well-equipped businessman. This is just because there is no proper plan to use the resources in the right way. (

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6. No backup plan due to no vision: Why the entire family is putting her at so high risk? Despite it is very evident that she is the only breadwinner of her family. the reason is that because of their tradition, they are not taught to see beyond the next evening hence no backup plan. (

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